What the families say:

“Many thanks for all you and the team have done to help and support our family over the last few years.

Having opportunities to attend the groups and the benefit of a volunteer visiting us has made a big difference to our lives”

“My Volunteer has become my friend”

“Home-Start volunteers helped me cope with my growing family, in the home and at the group which is great meeting place.”

“Home-Start has offered a lot of support to mothers. The family groups are great, the children really enjoy them. The staff are always friendly and polite”

“Home-Start has made me realise that we all get it wrong and actually I am a good mum.”

“Thank you so much for all the help and support”

“Home-Start has made me feel like a real person again”

What the Volunteers say:

“I feel as though I’m doing something useful and giving back to my community”

“Volunteering is a very rewarding job. I have made many good friends and really enjoy it”

“Being supported by Home-Start North West Hampshire inspired me to become a volunteer and help others.”

“It is great to see the children happy and playing”

“I love to see `mum’ laugh or smile”

“I feel really appreciated”

“Volunteering for Home-Start has given me so much joy and has helped me to gain more confidence to try other training opportunities.”

Family Group comments:

“I can say how I really feel and no one judges me”

“Home-Start family group provides a place for parents to meet up. It gives my children a chance to socialise. It’s great to be able to chat with other mums and know that you are not alone” 

“I didn’t know anyone when I moved here now I have lots of friends I have met at the group”

“The children can play happily and I can relax”

“I can say how I really feel and no one judges me”

“The group is great, we love coming and all who come are friendly and the children totally love it and look forward to coming every week”

“The children can play safe here with lovely toys and craft activities”

“I trust them fully, they don’t judge me and they treat me with respect”


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